Classification of magnetic materials

2018-11-28 15:03

Classification of magnetic materials

Magnetic materials are mainly divided into hard magnetic and soft magnetic.

Hard magnetic material: when the magnetic field is removed, can still have magnetic materials; Soft magnetic materials are materials that have high magnetic induction when the magnetization field is present and lose magnetism when the magnetization field is removed. Hard and soft here do not refer to mechanical hard and soft, but to magnetic hard and soft. Magnetic hardness means that magnetic materials can retain their strong magnetism (referred to as magnetism) for a long time after magnetization by an external magnetic field, which is characterized by high coercivity. Coercivity is the magnetic field strength that reduces residual magnetism (residual flux density or residual magnetization) to zero after magnetization of magnetic materials. The soft magnetic material is the magnetic field is easy to magnetize, and easy to demagnetize, that is, the magnetic material with very low coercivity. Demagnetization refers to the magnetic field in the magnetic field (called magnetization field) to magnetize the magnetic material, and then add the magnetic field in the direction of the magnetic field to reduce its magnetic field.

Soft magnetic materials: Soft magnetic materials can be broadly divided into four categories.

① Alloy thin strip or sheet: FeNi(Mo), FeSi, FeAl, etc.

② Amorphous alloy thin strip: Fe base, Co base, FeNi base or FeNiCo base with appropriate Si, B, P and other doping elements, also known as magnetic glass.

③ Magnetic medium (iron core) :FeNi(Mo), FeSiAl, carbonyl iron and ferrite powder, after the electric insulating medium coating and bonding according to the requirements of the press forming.

④ Ferrites include spinel type ─ MO ·Fe2O3 (M represents NiZn, MnZn, MgZn, Li1/2Fe1/2Zn, CaZn, etc.) and magneto Pb type ─Ba3Me2Fe24O41(Me represents Co, Ni, Mg, Zn, Cu and their composite components).

Soft magnetic materials are widely used. Mainly used in magnetic antenna, inductor, transformer, magnetic head, earphone, relay, vibrator, TV deflection yoke, cable, delay line, sensor, microwave absorption materials, electromagnet, accelerator high frequency acceleration cavity, magnetic field probe, magnetic substrate, magnetic shielding, high frequency quenching energy, electromagnetic suction, magnetic sensitive components (such as magnetic thermal materials as switches).

In summary, our magnetic ring products mainly use soft magnetic strip amorphous nanocrystalline iron base strip.


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