Amorphous, Nanocrystalline magnetic strip


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High saturation magnetic induction intensity; High permeability; Low loss; Better temperature stability; Strong flexibility.

Product Details

The fe - based amorphous magnetic stripe has a high saturation magnetic induction intensity (1.56T. Relative to ferrite material. High permeability (relative to silicon steel) and low loss (relative to silicon steel sheet material) and other characteristics. The amorphous magnetic strip is made of epoxy resin bond, which is not easy to break during heating and collision, while the traditional ferrite coal core material is usually brittle and easy to break. The non-crystalline material has a high temperature of about 400 degrees, while the average temperature of the ferrite material is only about 220 degrees, so the amorphous material has better temperature stability. Because the magnetic strip is rectangular, users can assemble according to the actual needs, so as to facilitate the design and installation of users, and the flexibility is strong.

It is mainly used in high frequency power inverter and switching power supply, such as solar inverter, medium high frequency induction heating power supply, etc


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